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General Questions

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The following are the most frequently asked questions on Licence documents, identity, travel, residence and international citizenship. Please keep in mind that the requirements may vary as per different countries and only the general questions are answered below. If you have any questions, which need clarification, please do not hesitate to Contact us


Q: What is an SIA licence?

A: An SIA licence demonstrates competency to work in the private security industry. It shows you have the necessary training and qualifications to properly perform your security role.

Q: Why do I need an SIA licence?

A: An SIA licence is legally required for most security roles including door supervisor, security guard, CCTV operator and vehicle immobiliser. It ensures you can practice safely and professionally.

Q: What training do I need to get an SIA licence?

A: You must complete an accredited training course for the security role you want to licence for. Courses cover relevant knowledge about security laws, emergency procedures, health and safety, conflict management and other important topics.

Q: How much does it cost to get an SIA licence?

A: The costs include:

  • Training course fees (£220-£490 depending on role)
  • SIA application fee (£220 if applying for first licence)
  • £135 for renewal every 3 years

Q: How long does it take to get an SIA licence?

A: Most training courses last 2-3 weeks. The SIA application then takes about 8-10 weeks to process, so you can expect to wait 3-4 months in total before receiving your licence.

Q: What checks does the SIA perform when processing licences?

A: The SIA carries out criminal record (CRB), identity, right to work, and other background checks to assess if you are suitable to work in a security role.


Security Role FAQs

FAQs on Security Roles

  • Q: What does a Door Supervisor do?
    A: Door supervisors manage entry points, ensuring safety and security at venues.
  • Q: What are the responsibilities of a Patrol Officer?
    A: Patrol officers monitor designated areas, conducting regular inspections to prevent security breaches and respond to incidents.
  • Q: Why do I need an SIA licence as a Security Officer?
    A: An SIA licence is legally required for security roles, ensuring practitioners have necessary training and qualifications.