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 Buy French National identity card The French National Identity Card (CNI) is an official document issued to every French citizen over the age of 18. It is a small, plastic card which contains your name, date of birth, gender, nationality, address, and other important information such as your photo, signature, and a unique identifying number. It serves as proof of your legal identity and is required for many everyday activities such as travelling, banking, and voting. The CNI is an important part of French identity and culture. It is a symbol of belonging and is used to confirm that you are indeed a citizen of France. It is also a way to show your pride in being French and is a physical manifestation of the unity that exists between all French citizens. The process of obtaining a CNI is relatively straightforward. First, you must fill out an application form and submit it along with two photos. You will also need to provide a valid form of identification such as a passport or driver’s license. Once your application is approved, you will receive your card in the mail. The CNI is a valuable asset and should be kept safe at all times. It is a crime to use someone else’s CNI and you could face a fine or even jail time if you are found guilty. The CNI is an important part of French culture and identity. It is a symbol of French citizenship and pride and serves as a reminder of the unity that exists between all French citizens. For many French citizens, the CNI is a source of both pride and security. We make and offer a variety of documents of high quality French National identity card.  We prepare paperwork that you can use for travel and employment wherever in the world. Our legitimate documents are recorded in the required government database system and are valid. Regarding our false documents, they appear entirely authentic and can be used for travel, however doing so is done at the client’s own risk. When using their documents for travel, our clients are advised to always request the originals. All passports from registered countries are available, along with visas, biometric passports, degrees, driver’s licenses, and ID cards. The French national identity card, also known as the CNI or carte nationale d’identité, is a recognized form of identification that consists of a laminated plastic card with a photo, name, and address. All people must have a legitimate piece of government-issued identification, even though the French identity card is optional. French Identity cards are freely given out by the local préfecture, sous-préfecture, mairie (in France), or French consulates (abroad), and are good for 15 years (up from the previous 10 years as of 1 January 2014). The holder’s fingerprint is obtained and preserved in paper files, where a judge can only see them under very specific conditions. The card’s data is duplicated in a central database, but access to it is restricted by law, and it cannot be connected to other databases or records.   Use of French National identity card When opening a bank account, identifying yourself to government agencies, demonstrating your identity and regular immigration status to a law enforcement officer, etc., you can use the French national identity card as identification in France. In a similar vein, French national identity cards may be used as identification documents while engaging with both public and private sector service providers while exercising their right to free movement in another EU/EEA member state or Switzerland. For instance, a British shop might demand a passport or buy driver’s license online  issued in the UK instead of the French national identity card when a French person tries to buy an item with an age restriction. At reality, the French ID card is frequently used for straightforward identification reasons across the globe, such as age verification in bars or hotel check-in and also to buy German drivers license online. French National identity card as a Travel document The following nations allow the use of the French national identity card as a travel document (instead of a French passport): Union of Europe Europe as a whole, excluding Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine France overseas territories of France Anguilla (limit 24 hours, 72 hours for St Martin inhabitants) (max 24 hours, 72 hours for St Martin residents) Dominica (max 14 days) (max 14 days) Egypt (a passport photo must be submitted to the border authorities upon entering) (a passport photo must be supplied to the border authorities upon entry) Georgia Montserrat St. Lucia Tunisia (only when on a package tour) (only when on a package tour) Turkey We’ve made British, Australian, Asian, and European buy identity cards online before. Additionally offered are genuine German driver’s licenses online and purchasable travel passes. We are a recognized and accredited high-quality document producer in many nations. obtaining a second passport (buying a second  ID  online, buying a real ID, purchasing and buy fake id card online , purchasing a dual citizenship, etc.). The ability to purchase a identity cards online can increase your freedom and rights. The advantages for Americans include cost-free international travel and fewer issues with intrusive border patrol agents or nosy customs and immigration officers. Additionally, it grants the ability to reside and work in any of the 27 nations that make up the European Union. A second passport also gives Americans access to areas of the world that are ordinarily off limits. The best part is that having dual citizenship and a second passport really cool feel free to contact us at anytime.French National identity card    


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