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Enhanced Security Features of the New SIA License

Are you awaiting your new license? Since 2016, the SIA has rolled out an updated version of their license, replacing the older design. Wondering how the new SIA license compares to the previous one?

New SIA License Features:

  • Larger Photo Display: The picture size has been doubled, making identification easier and more secure.
  • Engraved Expiry Date: The expiry date is now directly engraved on the photo for added security.
  • Advanced Protection: Includes UV printing, micro text, and precise engraving to prevent tampering.
  • Modern Identification: Features a barcode and QR code, moving away from the traditional chip.
  • Visual Security: A silver holographic overlay adds an extra layer of security.

Learn more about the sleek, secure, and sophisticated new SIA license that’s designed not only for convenience but also for enhanced security. Discover the full range of features today and see how the new compares with the old!

What Does The New SIA Licence Look Like? Old Vs New
New SIA License
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Guide to Checking SIA Licenses: New vs Old

Features to Check on the New SIA License

  • Embossed Date: Located under the photograph with raised numbers that can be felt by touch.
  • Microtext: ‘Security Industry Authority’ printed in microtext at specific points, visible with a magnifying glass.
  • Barcode: Found on the back of the card, links to the licence number via the Register of Licence Holders (ROHL).
  • UV Gillock: A fine spiral pattern visible under UV light on the reverse of the card.
  • QR Code: Also on the reverse, linking to the latest licence conditions on the SIA website.

Equipment Needed for Verification

  • Magnifying Glass: Essential for reading microtext and engravings.
  • UV Torch: Necessary for detecting UV-sensitive features.
  • Barcode and QR Reader: Used for scanning and accessing linked information.

Comparison with the Old Licence

  • Silver Hologram: Used to prevent counterfeiting.
  • Electronic Chip: Stores digital data about the licence holder.
  • Large Print Expiry Date: Clearly displayed for easy visibility.
  • Licence Holder’s Picture: For visual identification.
  • Licence Holder’s Licence Number: Prominently featured for reference.

Both the new and old SIA licenses have specific features designed to enhance security and prevent fraud. Understanding these features helps ensure that all checks are thorough and up to date.


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New SIA License
New SIA License


SIA Licence Updates and Entering the Security Sector

New vs. Old SIA Licence

As you can see from the images, the new SIA licence design is noticeably cleaner and less cluttered, reflecting modern design trends. Key updates include:

  • Enhanced Photo: The featured picture is larger and more prominent, making identification clearer.
  • Barcode Introduction: Replaces the large black strip from the old version, improving the overall aesthetic.
  • Removal of Microchip: The absence of the microchip streamlines the design and enhances the card’s durability.

Remember, if you still hold the older licence, don’t worry. They will continue to be valid and in circulation well into 2019.

How to Work in the Security Sector

If you are interested in working in the security sector, positions such as Door Supervisor, Security Guard, or CCTV Operative require an SIA Licence.

Steps to Obtain an SIA Licence:

  1. Complete a training course specific to the type of security work you intend to perform.
  2. Apply for an SIA Licence upon successful completion of the course.
  3. Begin your career in the security sector with your new SIA Licence.

Obtaining an SIA Licence is crucial for legally working in various security roles and ensures that all operatives are adequately trained and vetted for the safety and security of the public.


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