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Obtaining a security guard license authorizes you to engage in roles primarily focused on safeguarding individuals or assets.

This includes working as a:
1. Security guard
2. Concierge
3. Bodyguard
4. Bouncer
5. Or loss prevention employee

A valid license card is required to work as a security guard. Working without a valid license is a violation of the Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act.

If you hold a valid license from another Canadian province or territory, you may be exempt from undergoing additional training and testing requirements in Ontario.



1. 18 years of age or older.
2. Eligible to work in Canada.
3. Clean criminal record in Canada.
4. Able to pass the Security Guard Test (government
5. Comfortable with the Ontario Security Guard Code
of Conduct.

For further information on working in Canada, please visit the official Government of Canada website at:

For additional details on this Code of Conduct, please visit the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch website at:

For more information on the 80+ criminal offences for which you would be screened, please visit the Government of Ontario E-Law website. here

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Discover if you need an SIA license quickly and conveniently with our user-friendly SIA licence checker. Unsure about licensing requirements? Just a few clicks on our secure platform will help you determine if an SIA licence is necessary. The process is straightforward: fill out a secure form, and we’ll inform you of your licensing needs while ensuring the privacy and security of your personal information. For those requiring a license, our SIA licence checker provides essential details for a successful application, outlining the specific type of license needed and the necessary credentials or experience. Once approved, you can swiftly enter the security sector. Save both time and money by utilizing this efficient tool to take the first steps toward your security career today.


To safeguard against counterfeit SIA licenses, it is imperative to undergo comprehensive training and certification. Mitigate the risk of acquiring a fake license by enrolling in an online first aid course, providing the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the SIA license exam. The course covers essential topics such as first aid fundamentals, CPR, AED usage, and the ability to identify and avoid counterfeit SIA licenses. Designed to enhance your chances of success, the self-paced online course is accessible on all platforms. By completing this training, you can be assured of possessing the expertise required to not only pass the SIA license test but also recognize and avoid fraudulent licenses. Enroll in our online first aid course to secure a genuine SIA license and eliminate the potential risks associated with illegitimate certifications.

When considering the recruitment of internal security personnel for your company, it is essential to inquire about the necessity of a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence. Understanding the regulations set by the SIA, the governing body for private security firms in the UK, is crucial before making any decisions.

By law, everyone in the security profession must hold an SIA Licence, ensuring they possess the required training, credentials, and have undergone a screening process for the safety of both your company and clients. If you are hiring individuals for security-related tasks like guarding or patrolling, a SIA Licence is mandatory, applying to all in-house security personnel, whether full-time or part-time.

Verifying that each member of your internal security team is licensed by the SIA is crucial for legal protection in case of any incidents. This not only safeguards your company but also demonstrates a commitment to security, instilling greater trust and confidence in your clients.

If you’re uncertain about the process of obtaining a SIA Licence, numerous organizations provide training and assistance to ensure you meet the necessary credentials and expertise requirements. This proactive approach ensures legal compliance and reinforces your dedication to maintaining a secure environment.

To secure a Security Industry Authority (SIA) License in Belfast for roles such as door supervisors, close protection officers, or CCTV operators, you must follow a standard procedure. This process, applicable across the UK, requires completing an approved SIA training course, being at least 18 years old, and subsequently applying for the license. During the application, you need to provide two forms of identification, proof of address, and undergo a background check to ensure you are a “Fit and Proper Person” without disqualifying criminal convictions. Once approved, you’ll receive a Licensing card valid for three years, after which renewal is necessary.


If you are seeking information about the CVIT SIA License for security guard work in the UK, it is a crucial qualification mandated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). This license is a requirement for all individuals working as security guards, as regulated by the SIA to maintain a high standard of training in the security industry. To understand more about the CVIT SIA License and the application process, this article provides valuable insights.


Are you considering acquiring a CCTV SIA Licence for the installation and maintenance of a CCTV system? With the increasing importance of surveillance in crime prevention, having a CCTV system is vital for monitoring and enhancing security. To ensure compliance, anyone involved in installing and maintaining a CCTV system requires a CCTV SIA Licence. At [Your Company Name], we are committed to facilitating a swift and easy process for obtaining your CCTV SIA Licence. Recognizing the significance of a proper security system, our dedicated team of professionals is available to answer any queries and assist you in making informed decisions about the licensing process.




**Condor Security Training Programs**

**Training Options:**
Condor Security provides both in-class and online training options to cater to diverse learning preferences.

**Training Requirements:**
All foundational training courses, irrespective of the mode of delivery, adhere to a minimum duration of 40 hours. Additionally, they encompass essential first aid certification.

**Course Highlights:**
Condor Security’s flagship 40-hour security training program is designed to elevate your skills. Upon completion, participants receive advanced certifications in Standard First Aid and Level C CPR.

– To explore upcoming training dates and secure your spot, visit our [Course Calendar](#).
– For personalized assistance with registration or inquiries, please reach out to our team at 416-665-1500.

**Useful Resources:**
– For an overview of other government-approved security training providers, visit the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website.
– To delve deeper into the curriculum and topics covered in our training, you can access detailed information on the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch website.

Embark on a transformative learning journey with Condor Security and equip yourself with the essential skills and certifications for a rewarding career.


To qualify for a security license, candidates are required to possess a current first aid and CPR certification. At the bare minimum, the accepted standard for first aid training is the Emergency Level First Aid coupled with Level A CPR, a curriculum that typically spans a single day. However, for those aiming for a more comprehensive skill set, the recommended course is the Standard First Aid combined with Level C CPR.

This in-depth program, spanning two days, not only offers an edge over competitors but also equips participants with advanced techniques to manage a broader range of emergency situations.

You can learn more about Condor’s Standard First Aid and Level C CPR training course here




This number will be given to you upon completion of the 40 hour security program by your provider. You will need it to register for the Security Guard Test.



To register for the Ontario Security Guard Exam, visit the Serco website and choose “Schedule a Test” here

You can review the guidelines on the basic security test through the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website here

How much is the test?
The price of the security test is $75.15 after tax.

Need help with studying?
Click for a useful practice test to help you with preparing for the exam.



You can apply for the license online through ServiceOntario or you can print out a hard copy application and send it in by mail.

The advantages of applying online are that you can check the status of your application in real time by logging into your account, and, online applicants can view a printable digital license as soon as their application is approved. The printed digital license can be used for proof of licensing until the hard copy license card is received in the mail.

It can take up to 30 days to finish processing a correctly completed application.



Each company boasts its unique attributes and strengths. It’s essential to align with an organization that resonates with your values and aspirations. If you prioritize opportunities for training, professional advancement, and career progression, we invite you to consider joining the Condor Security team.


In Ontario, security guards play a pivotal role in safeguarding both individuals and properties. They employ a mix of advanced weaponry and sophisticated alarm technologies to ensure comprehensive protection. Whether patrolling designated areas or overseeing public and private spaces, their primary objective is to deter criminal activities like theft, violence, and other felonies. Moreover, in this digital age, proficiency in utilizing intricate security systems and alarms is crucial to preempt and mitigate potential threats.

Furthermore, security personnel undergo rigorous training, equipping them with the skills to employ necessary force when apprehending individuals perceived as security risks. Beyond individual roles, the industry also witnesses the appointment of security directors in multinational corporations and public entities. These directors are tasked with overseeing the broader security infrastructure and ensuring its efficacy. Predominantly, the private sector employs a significant portion of security officers, entrusting them with the responsibility of protecting valuable assets, properties, and resources.

Security professionals play a multifaceted role, offering both physical protection and vigilance against a range of modern threats, including cybercrime, financial malfeasance, and terrorism. Many aspiring security guards in Ontario set their sights on higher education, often pursuing online bachelor’s or associate’s degrees in criminal justice, paving the way for potential careers in law enforcement. For those keen on understanding the pathway to becoming a security guard in Toronto, this article provides a comprehensive guide.

Central to starting a career in security in Toronto or Ontario is obtaining the requisite security guard license. This license is foundational, enabling individuals to serve in roles such as security guards, bouncers, or concierges. This guide outlines the process of obtaining a security license in Ontario in a systematic manner. Once equipped with the official security license in Toronto, opportunities abound, spanning roles from concierges and bodyguards to airport security officers and bouncers.

A crucial step in this journey is the completion of a 40-hour professional training program. This training not only facilitates the acquisition of the security guard license but also enhances employability, especially for those seeking entry-level positions. Moreover, the security license from Toronto remains a valuable credential, proving beneficial even when transitioning between roles or seeking new employment opportunities.


To qualify for earning a security guard license in Ontario you must meet or fulfill the following criteria:-

  • Must be at least 18 years of age (or older)
  • Should not have been convicted of any crime, misdemeanor, or transgression
  • Should be legally entitled/qualified to pursue a career in Canada
  • Must complete the mandatory training for security guards
  • Must clear the exam for security guards organized by the government
  • Should hold a valid CPR/Emergency First Aid certificate (you can get in touch with Condor Security Inc for details about this certification)

Before you proceed to fulfill the obligations for getting a security guard license in Toronto keeps one important aspect in mind. You’re not eligible to get or renew a security license in case you’ve been declared guilty of a criminal offense but not exonerated. Check out this link that lists more than 80 types of crimes indexed in the Ontario regulation, Eligibility to Hold a License –Clean Criminal Record


You’ll have to abide by three basic steps to earn your license to work as a security guard anywhere in Ontario:-

Register and complete a certified security guard training program*

*You’ll have to acquire an Ontarian license even if you hold an authorized security guard license from any other Canadian territory or province notwithstanding. However, you may not have to undergo training or sit for the qualifying exam all over again. For more details about the above get in touch with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correction Services

The training program offered by Condor Security complies with all the stipulations and prerequisites for security guard training in Ontario. The security license training program will make you thoroughly ready for the Ontario Security Guard Exam. You can easily follow the training methods and techniques as well as the preparatory tests, enabling you to assess your preparedness for the accreditation exam.

Sign up for the Security Guard Examination in Ontario by using the Training Completion Number you obtained after completing the training course

The basic security guard test in Ontario comprises 60 MCQ (multiple choice questions). You’ll need to complete the examination in 1 hour and 15 minutes and attain a score of 62% to clear the test. You’ll have to pay CDN $75.15 including HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) as examination fees.

If you do not clear the examination in the first instance, you can sit for the test repetitively until you pass. However, you’ll need to pay the obligatory fees each time you take the test. You can take the examination for receiving a security guard license in Toronto at specified or designated DriveTest centers throughout Ontario.

Visit the site to check out the different DriveTest centers and also to register for the exam. The test results are declared within five working days of appearing for the examination. You’ll receive an Ontarian testing completion number (which you’ll mention in your license application) only if your score is 62% (and higher).

Once you pass the test and achieve a score of nothing less than 62% you qualify to apply for a security guard license Ontario

If your test report card shows you have achieved a minimum of 62% then you’re eligible to send your application to

You must tender your application via your ServiceOntario online account or you can mail it to ServiceOntario’s office. Regardless of whether you send your application by post or submit it online, you’ll have to keep the following handy:-

  • A passport-size snapshot
  • The testing completion number
  • CDN$80 (for paying through a valid payment method depending on whether you’re applying online or via Canada Post/courier service)
  • An entitled guarantor or sponsor who will fill up and put his or her signature across the Guarantor Information Form
  • Scanned digital transcripts or photocopies of two legal government ID documents (one of these documents should corroborate that you’re permitted to work in Canada)

You’d be better off submitting your application online as sending the same through a postal service could take about 30 working days. If you fill-up the application form for obtaining a security license in Toronto correctly and send it online, the same might be approved within 10 working days. Alternatively, if you submit your application leaving it incomplete or complete it erroneously then it’ll be emailed back to you.

If your application is returned, you should resend the corrected form to ServiceOntario within 90 working days, or else it’ll not be accepted. On the other hand, you’ll not be able to claim a refund of the exam fee.


You can start applying to different firms looking for trained security guards in Toronto after receiving your security license. Always carry your license along with you when reporting for duty. You may also have to produce the license tag whenever you are asked to.



You’ll have to renew your security guard license in Ontario every two years (counting from the day it was issued) to keep it valid.

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